Simple Yet Helpful Tips for Brides to Be

18 October 2016
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Will you be getting married within the next year? You may not have picked the exact date yet but are still planning to tie the knot within a short amount of time. It is never too early to start planning out different parts of the wedding ahead of time. In fact, if you start the planning process a bit earlier, you might not feel as stressed out and overwhelmed when it starts getting closer to the day of your ceremony. Read More 

Expediting The Adoption Process: 3 Ways To Prepare For Homestudy Reports

1 June 2016
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Before an adoption agency will approve your application for adopting a baby, it will usually require you to undergo a homestudy. A homestudy basically involves several interviews with a social worker that takes place within an average of 3 to 6 months. From the homestudy report findings, the adoption agency will determine whether you will be a suitable parent. Your responses to questions asked during the homestudy can have a profound effect on your adoption application. Read More