How To Form And Maintain Support Networks While Grieving

14 October 2022
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Grief is a process that might seem very individual. However, the grieving process can also affect your family. As you focus on the personal experience of your loss, it's important to seek out grief support services so that you and your family can be there for each other.

How Grief Can Impact the Family

When you are grieving, you may feel like distancing yourself from those close to you. You will also want to not rely only on your spouse for support but will want to turn to others in your family. However, the loss of a loved one can place a considerable strain on the family and you might need to turn to professional grief support services for help.

What to Expect from Grief Support Services

Grief support services are sessions in which you speak with a counselor about the grief process. Grief comes in many forms and you might benefit from participating in a program that will tailor the session based on your individual needs.

In addition to discussing the grief process with a counselor, you will usually be directed to online reading materials that will be able to help you process your emotions. Grief support sessions are private and confidential.

How to Receive Great Referrals

You might also be referred to a counselor who specializes in grief counseling in your local area and you may be referred to group sessions and classes. For example, there are some programs that are specialized in helping grief the loss of a spouse and others that are specialized in helping grieve the loss of a child.

There are also services available for children. Many group services are entirely free. At any given moment, you can choose to schedule a one-on-one appointment where you can feel more open to talk about private matters or you can enjoy the support that comes from group sessions.

Building Valuable Relationships

When participating in group sessions, you will be able to make contacts that you can rely on as you seek out support both during group sessions and when you are no longer participating in them. This can allow you to build the support network you need.

What to Do When You Can't Be There in Person

Carrying out a session face-to-face has been the traditional way to provide grief counseling services. However, if you feel more comfortable or if it is more convenient to have a grief session carried out virtually or over the phone, grief support services can accommodate your needs.