Do You Have An Unplanned Pregnancy?

31 March 2020
 Categories: Relationships & Family, Blog

Have you recently discovered that you are expecting a baby? That news might be wonderful for many women. In your case, however, maybe this news was one of the hardest things you ever learned. Maybe the father of the baby suggested abortion, even offering to pay for that service. If that is something that is against your moral code or against your religious beliefs, there are abortion alternatives. Maybe you are desperately looking for help. If that's true, you have come to the right place.

Your Ecclesiastic Leader - If you are a religious person who is a regular church attender, your best option might be to go directly to your ecclesiastic leader. He or she will have the training and the compassion to help you. 

Remember that you can pour out your heart to your ecclesiastic leader. He or she will surely ask if you want to marry the baby's father and if he is willing to become your husband. If you are a minor, the ecclesiastic leader will also recommend that your mother and father, or either parent, be made aware of your circumstances. Whether you are a minor or a legal adult, it will be determined whether you want to keep the baby to raise by yourself or you want to place the baby for adoption.

‚ÄčOther Reliable Resources - Maybe you aren't associated with any church, or maybe you aren't comfortable going to your ecclesiastic leader. In that case, consider the fact that your community more than likely has a service with trained individuals who can help you through this pregnancy. Again, it will be determined whether or not you want to keep the baby or whether you want to find a loving home for him or her.

If you have decided to place the baby with other parents, maybe you will want to arrange for an open adoption. An open adoption can have many faces. You might be able to see the baby often, or you might only be able to see him or her for things like birthdays. That will be determined by the adoptive parents and by their lawyer. 

Maybe you already love this little life that is within your body and you have decided to raise the baby yourself. Consider whether you will have the finances to raise the baby well. There might be government supplemental funds that can help you for a year or longer. Besides getting help financially, you and the baby will probably be eligible for insurance. 

Whether you work with an ecclesiastic leader, a lawyer, or a case worker, consider having an unbiased friend or relative who can listen to your thoughts and help you make decisions that might be some of the most important ones you will ever make.