Do You Have An Unplanned Pregnancy?

31 March 2020
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Have you recently discovered that you are expecting a baby? That news might be wonderful for many women. In your case, however, maybe this news was one of the hardest things you ever learned. Maybe the father of the baby suggested abortion, even offering to pay for that service. If that is something that is against your moral code or against your religious beliefs, there are abortion alternatives. Maybe you are desperately looking for help. Read More 

Simple Yet Helpful Tips for Brides to Be

18 October 2016
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Will you be getting married within the next year? You may not have picked the exact date yet but are still planning to tie the knot within a short amount of time. It is never too early to start planning out different parts of the wedding ahead of time. In fact, if you start the planning process a bit earlier, you might not feel as stressed out and overwhelmed when it starts getting closer to the day of your ceremony. Read More 

Expediting The Adoption Process: 3 Ways To Prepare For Homestudy Reports

1 June 2016
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Before an adoption agency will approve your application for adopting a baby, it will usually require you to undergo a homestudy. A homestudy basically involves several interviews with a social worker that takes place within an average of 3 to 6 months. From the homestudy report findings, the adoption agency will determine whether you will be a suitable parent. Your responses to questions asked during the homestudy can have a profound effect on your adoption application. Read More